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Generator Library

There are plenty of ready-made tables that can be used with Campaign Logger as such, or customized as you like. The full generator library is available in the Campaign Logger open repository:

The generators in the library can be either used directly from the online libary (which requires online access), or copied to your device for offline use.

Using Generators Directly from the Library

If you are online, you can call The Campaign Logger generator library from your own generators. This works just like a standard table call, just by adding the lib: string in front of the table name. For example {lib:color} would call the color generator from the library and output a random color.

Copying Files to Your Campaign Logger installation

Generators installed on your own Campaign Logger setup can be called from any table just like other tables, just by adding the gen: string in front of the table name. For example {gen:jewelry} would call a jewelry generator that you have installed on your own Campaign Logger setup.

See the Generator Guide document for more information.

Library File Name Conventions

Some of the library file names have suffixes that indicate the word form produced by that generator:

  • The ending _wia means “with indefinite article”.
  • The ending _formal indicates an uppercase beginning.
  • The ending _pl indicates plural form.
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