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How Can I Contribute to the Campaign Logger Project?

Though Campaign Logger is a commercial app, we cannot afford to pay staff at this time. Server costs, tool subscriptions, and ecommerce costs whittle revenues away.

However, we have built Campaign Logger with extensibility in mind. And if you would like to help make Campaign Logger more valuable to you and your fellow game masters, we'd welcome the help and would love to work with you!

Before You Start

After reading this page, please email us with your desire to help and what you have in mind.

This will prevent duplicate work. And we can fill you in on any technical requirements or workflow steps to avoid wasting any of your time.

We'll also add you to our Slack Team.

If You Are A Coder


We have a basic API. Check this page for information about it.

Feel free to work in your own dev environment and build apps using our API.

For example, check out this cool Google Maps + Campaign Logger driven campaign map.

PDF Export Features

We launched a basic MVP of the PDF export feature in 2016. We'd love to see additional features added, such as:

  • Making links in PDF files clickable and working.
  • Layout/design tweaks (we're looking for suggestions, as well)

If you can write C# code and have knowledge of Syncfusion's PDF library and a license for that library, let us know.

If You Are A Designer

We'd like to let users upload different skins and styles for their Campaign Logs. A little CSS can make a Campaign Log feel special, thematic, and unique!

You would design a style file for us and we'd test it out as a proof of concept. If users like the option, then we'd like your help creating additional style files.

We also need a designer's expertise for improving the UX of the tool. If you have UX experience, please send us your feedback.

If You Are A Writer

Cookie Monster wants more generators! Nom nom nom.

We're looking for basic and complex random generators. Basic ones are like name generators. Complex ones are like kingdom generators.

Creating a generator requires just a little bit of JSON knowledge. The rest is up to your imagination and writing skills.

Use our Generator Service to build and test your generators.

Then send your file to us when ready.

Contact Us

If you have other ideas for helping out, please feel free to email us.

You can also visit the Campaign Logger community to ask questions and talk out ideas with us and your fellow Campaign Logger game masters.

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