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 ====== Encounter A Problem? ====== ====== Encounter A Problem? ======
-If you get stuck on applying your license to the iOS app, [[https://​​servicedesk/​customer/​portal/​1|please send us a help request]]+Please give the import a couple of minutes to work. Sometimes it takes the app awhile to parse through all the information. 
 +If import fails the first time, please try again. Just to be sure you selected the correct file, etc. 
 +The very first time I opened my iOS Campaign Logger app and imported a log file, it would not work for me until I created a test Campaign Log within the app. I do not know if it was just me or if it's a bug. But if import fails after two tries, then create a new Campaign Log within the app and try the import again. That worked great for me. 
 +If you get stuck on importing Campaign Log files into the iOS app, [[https://​​servicedesk/​customer/​portal/​1|please send us a help request]]
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